History of The Island

Île Reaux is a private island home to half-century-old hunting estate, Le Club de Chasse aux Brigands.

One of the oldest concessions recorded in French-Canadian history, the island was ceded to The Reverend Fathers of the Company of Jesus in 1638. The island was then sold in 1708 from the Reverend Fathers to Charles Campagne and has been in private hands ever since. The island has been used for farming and cattle throughout its history.

Île Reaux is now a private hunting island, home to a half-century-old estate, “Le Club de Chasse aux Brigands”.

In 1961 the island was purchased by William O’Brien, a Montreal businessman, who had different plans. Being an avid and experienced hunter, he was well aware of flight paths of game birds. Just north of the island on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, is Cap Tourmente, amongst the largest concentration of Snow Geese in the world. Many were confused why a Montreal Stock Broker would want a farm on the St. Laurence. William was not as puzzled. 

Thus began “Club de Chasse aux Brigands”, now 58 years old.

 It has hosted family, friends, Royalty, Heads of State, Fortune 500 executives and many more.

Since the death of William O’Brien in 2004, the island and club has been owned and operated by his family.

Ile Reaux Crest