Hunting Camps for Sale

Hunting Camps for Sale

Ile Reaux may the best hunting camps for sale today.


If hunting is your passion and if you are looking for a secluded gateway for enjoying an amazing hunt, Ile Reaux is your haven.

Ile Reaux also shares 378 years of hunting history, with several notable guests to have visited over the years. Located on the St. Lawrence river, Ile Reaux provides the perfect location for the world’s best hunting. The private island is known for its beautiful surroundings and thriving wildlife. It provides the perfect game for hunting and fishing. And, if you don’t feel like hunting, you can enjoy the scenic beauty instead in the calm, tranquillity of the island. Until now, Ile Reaux has been the hunting ground for the world elites. Now, you could be part of this beautiful island hunting estate.


When hunting in the rich island forest on Ile Reaux, a warm, cozy camp is the best accommodation. Living in the open surrounded by the beautiful forest adds to the excitement of hunting. And, just because you are hunting it doesn’t mean you have to sleep on the ground beside the campfire and eat canned food or roasted fish. It is more convenient to own a hunting camp where you can enjoy a good time with friends and family. The hunting camp for sale is built to provide all the necessary things you need to stay comfortable while you are out in the wild. The hunting camp is specifically designed to provide the comfort of home away from home, located in the wilderness of the land to provide an authentic hunting environment.

You can own your hunting camp on Ile aux Reaux. For people who love the outdoors, this is the best camp of them all. Any hunter is surely to feel at home in these camps living amidst the dense woods.


The thriving wildlife is the key to Ile Reaux hunting attraction. You will find plenty of hunting animals including White-tailed Deer, Ducks, Wild Turkey, Pheasant, Snow Geese, Snipe and Woodcock along with so much more. People who love fishing will find the Panfish, musky, northern pike, walleye, yellow perch to be the perfect alternative to hunting game.


Owning a hunting camp like Ile Reaux gives you the freedom to enjoy the best hunting all with ease, comfort and privacy.