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ILE REAUX – The Wonderful Choices for Hunting Clubs

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own hunting club? What about a hunting club on it’s own island?


Ill Reaux may be one of the most desirable hunting clubs for sale today. Whether you are an avid sportsman, hunter or just keen to be in the serenity of the outdoors, the island estate has something for everyone. It truly is something special and finds a way to leave a memorable impression on any guest who is fortunate enough to make a visit.

Unlike several hunting clubs for sale today, Ile Reaux is fully functioning and well stocked with game. Whether you are interested in hunting deer, pheasant, or grouse, it is all there. Additionally, the island’s location makes for one of the largest populations of migratory geese and duck that can be found traveling overhead as well as landing on the island. Although these species are native to the region some require they be stocked each season to maintain a consistent population. Not many hunting clubs for sale on the market have the unique geographic location to maintain this level of sporting experience.


Along with incredible hunting, Ile Reaux may be one of the most historically significant hunting clubs for sale today. It is one of the oldest concessions in Canadian history and was established over 380 years ago. Over the hunting clubs long history, it has been graced by many of the world’s elite, including Fortune 500 Executives, past prime ministers and foreign royalty.

Ill Reaux is one of the top hunting clubs for sale today, don’t miss your chance to own something truly unique. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions as well. The owner is happy to help!