Hunting Estates for Sale

Hunting Estates for Sale

Ile Reaux Is One Of The Best Hunting Estates for Sale Today 

Located on a private island on the St. Lawrence River, the property is one of the most sought after hunting estates for sale in Canadian history. Be it small or large game, this beautiful island estate provides an excellent range of wildlife to choose. The hunting in Ile Reaux is a deep rooted passion and continuation of 378 years old hunting tradition. The thriving wildlife is not the only attractive feature of the estate. The scenic beauty along with the thick, dense forest and facilities, this island estate has everything you need to stay comfortable and entertain. With 16 beds for accommodation, this estate can easily provide a comfortable place for a large party of hunters. Bes of all the thriving wildlife will never disappoint you and your guests.

Now you have a unique chance to own something truly magnificent. For serious hunters, this island estate is nothing less than a Holy Grail. Stretched over the 433 acres of land, you will have access to its abundant game, protected forests, traditional farmhouse and cottages along with so much more. Complete with all the facilities and accommodations, the estate is a dream come true.

Hunting or sporting games have been an old tradition in many parts of the world and still are to this day. Continuing this tradition of hunting game is becoming less and less common. Having specifically designed hunting estates to provide the perfect destination for hunters is hard to come by. There is nothing more thrilling than getting into the hunting mode, finding the game, chasing and finally hitting it.

While there is no death of hunting estates, very few of the estate remaining today can claim they have the thriving wildlife for the perfect game. If you are looking for a hunting estates for sale in Canada, you have come to the right place. Ile Reaux brings you a unique opportunity to own a hunting estate for entertaining business associates as well as friends.