About The Hunting Estate

The island has been used for many years as a private hunting reserve. Île Reaux is where snow geese and migratory ducks come by the hundreds of thousands; where the resident pheasant, wild turkey, whitetail deer and rabbit roam freely without predators. Day after glorious day of world class shooting in breathtaking surroundings is yours for the taking.

Ilereaux Hunting Estate Map



    The population varies from 30-70, depending on the year but ideally there are fifty at a time. On occasion, new stock is imported to minimize inbreeding but the population usually stays self-sufficient.


    The population of wild turkey on the island fluctuates between six to eight hundred each year. Four to five hundred are added annually to maintain consistent numbers.

  • DUCK

    The are several different species of duck on the island, including: Mallard, Black, Teal and Wood. They are native to the region and the island offers a number blinds making it ideal when in season.


    There are betweent twenty-five hundred to thirty-five hundred pheasant added annually. They are primarily Chinese Ring Neck but there are also an assortment of other varied breeds depending on the season.


    Among the most famous and largest concentration of Snow Geese on the north shore of the St-Lawrence River, Cap-Tourmente is only four miles north of Ile Reaux putting it in a perfect location for birds passing over.


    Although the island is not heavily populated with either species, there are the occasional Snipe and Woodcock.







  • Always pick up empty shells; if you see shells on the ground, even if they are not yours, please pick them up.
  • No hunting at both ends of the island; when we push animals to the end of the island they will swim/fly over to the next island
  • No hunting near the house and any other buildings or structures for safety reasons.
  • Use A.C.T.P.I. principals :
    • Assume the gun is always loaded and keep the safety on at all time
    • Control the muzzle (gun barrel)
    • Trigger : never have your finger on the trigger, always on the trigger guard
    • Prove to everyone that your gun is unloaded
    • Identify your target before shooting with your gun.
  • For your safety, wearing a fluorescent orange safety vest, hat, and shooting glasses are mandatory.
  • When hunting on Ile Reaux, Georges is the master of the hunt.
  • When pheasant hunting, Georges will bring you out to a hunting zone. Once you get out of the truck/van, Georges will give you instructions, please follow them – it will make your hunt safer and more enjoyable.
  • When getting into hunting position, you must be in straight line with Georges in the middle. Once positioned you must give Georges time to prepare himself and his dogs; there are always 2 dogs present but only one being used at a time.
  • When the master of the hunt gives the signal, the hunt begins. At this point, load your gun, make sure that your safety is on and enjoy your hunt!
  • Georges will start moving forward, you must advance at the same speed as him and must stop whenever he stops. The reason for this is that Georges may have noticed a safety issue, or will be using one of the dogs for a downed bird. If you continue walking you will break the line and push birds forward and sideways. Only when he resumes, the line starts again. This will make it more pleasant as you will see more birds and make the dogs more efficient.
  • When moving forward in the line, never fire backwards.
  • You must not shoot birds on the ground.


In order to maintain future flocks, hunting female turkeys with their poults is strictly prohibited. Please do not shoot into the flocks where ever they may be as you will injure too many turkeys. A fat turkey too big to fly is the only exception to the rule on shooting on the ground.

Each hunter has the right to shoot 1 turkey per shoot.



Permits may be purchased at sporting shops pre-shooting. Deer that have been shot must be “tagged” and registered in Montmagny.

Although our deer population has varied greatly over the past years, we now to try and keep our headcount at about fifty, with a healthy balance of buck, doe, and fawn.

We are fortunate to have a unique Zone. 

    • We are not restricted to any firearm and are free to use muzzle-loading firearms, rifle, bow and crossbow throughout the season. Our head guide will advise you on what to chose. 
    • We are not restricted to shooting either buck or doe, rather it is the choice of our head guide and is ultimately determined by what will maintain a healthy balance for the ecosystem on the island. 
  • Deer hunter(s) must be accompanied by a guide.

More information may be found in the “MEMBERS” section (password required) of the website.


There are 3 hunting dogs: 2 English Springer Spaniels and 1 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
2 types of hunting dog: Pointer and Flusher. These dogs are flushers.
Pointer: He will find the bird, stops, points it and raises his tail.
Flusher: He will go to the birds and make them take off.

  • Please do not feed and give them treats. They have been trained for small game.
  • These dogs are working in front of you. Don’t shoot in the grass and no shooting near the dogs
    (25 feet from them).


There are 3 feeding stations (villages) on the island:

  • Village Vézina is located on the plateau, completed in 2012.
  • Village Henri-Perron is located on the plateau, completed in summer 2013.
  • Village Perron is located on the plateau, completed in summer 2014.

Please refer to the map for their locations. The 3 stations offer food for all the birds and deer year round, and heavily stocked with hay and grain for the winter months.

Please do not fire within, or around, the villages.

There are 5 large fields on the plateau, and 9 fields on the lower level. Corn, oats and buckwheat are the primary foods grown.  The result of feeding such healthy and nourishing food is very obvious when you enjoy your bird or venison.