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Canada’s premier wing shooting paradise and hunting estate is for sale

For years, this exclusive island has been one of the best-kept secrets in the hunting world, hosting a virtual who’s who of the business community, including many Fortune 500 CEOs, Wall Street Execs as well as, Prime Ministers, British Royalty, and Foreign Ambassadors.

Escape from city life

Île Reaux is situated in the middle of the Saint-Lawrence river, approximately 40 km downstream from Quebec City. The 433 acre island is covered in over 70% forest, complete with magnificent wildlife including such game animals as whitetail deer, wild turkey, duck and pheasants, as well as sturgeon, white boom,and striped bass, which can be caught straight from the Saint-Lawrence. Three hunting dogs are available for outings and expeditions on the island.

The western side is outfitted with a picturesque 19th century house, which sleeps 12, and five other utilitarian buildings including a barn, staff quarters, and multiple storage facilities. You’ll also find cultivated fields, which provide grains to feed various birds species and breeding stock.

The island can be used as your own private hunting paradise, or can be run as an exclusive retreat, accessible to friends, family, hunting enthusiasts, and business professionals from around the globe.

Treasure island

Composed of many riches, the island’s flora and fauna are constantly growing, multiplying, and gaining in value. Due to its location in the center of the river, Île Reaux contains a number of rare, endemic plant species and has been declared a conservation zone that’s been nourished and protected for over 400 years.

Fly into a unique hunting experience:

  • A 20-minute commute from Quebec City; land on the estate’s 2000 ft hard-grass landing strip or the 1000ft secondary runway.
  • A 6-minute commute from Montmagny Airport; land on the estate’s 2000ft hard-grass landing strip, or the 1000ft secondary runway.

Travel by boat:

  • Fifteen-minute crossing from the north shore via St-François (eastern tip of Île d’Orléans)
  • Twenty-minute crossing from the south shore via Berthier-sur-Mer Marin
IR Helicopter
IR plane

Real Estate Specifications

Main House

  • Built in 1863
  • 6 bedrooms, sleeps 12
  • Three full bathrooms
  • Combine living and dining room
  • Adjoined kitchen
  • Full length basement; part lockers and storage and part gun/shooting gear room


  • Aluminium; 60 x 40 ft
  • Excessive tools and repair equipment
  • Bird cleaning room

Generator hut

  • Cement
  • 1 x 30 kw diesel generator
  • 1 x 25 kw diesel generator

Dog kennels

  • Aluminium
  • Individual dog heaters and runs (5), dog food storage

Staff quarters

  • ATCO  style aluminum mobile home
  • First bedroom sleeps one, assistant cook
  • Second bedroom sleeps two, assistant guides

Large game, storage facility

  • Wood
  • Primarily for turkey safety including heating, with 5 runs

Small storage facility

Île Reaux Size

  • 3.5 m x .75 m
  • 5.5 km x 1.2 km
  • 76% forest
  • 2 airstrips: 2,000 ft hard grass and 1,000 ft shale, packed dirt


  • 175.05 ha
  • 18,842,225 sq. ft
  • 433 ac.
  • 1,750,500 sq. m
  • 47°00’47.0″N 70°44’13.0″W